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Hello and welcome! Atlantique Aviation is the online travel resource founded by myself, Philippe Menard. The goal for myself and our experienced contributors is to provide unbiased travel news, deals, and timely expert advice for the business traveler.

When it comes to business travel, I’ve been all over the map but mainly my journeys involve crossing the Atlantic, from the East Coast of the US to all destinations Europe. I’m based in New York and Virginia, and enjoy speaking with road warriors across the globe. I fly the friendly skies about once or twice per month heading overseas many times throughout the year. Did I mention that Paris is my current favorite city in the world, but that changes frequently! Being in the travel industry, I’m fortunate in that nearly every trip I take counts for a “business trip” and allows me to write about what’s new or unique. Speaking of writing, be on the lookout for my upcoming book on business travel to be published by McGraw-Hill.

In addition to publishing new information throughout the day on our website, we send weekly email newsletters reporting on last-minute Internet offers and the latest travel promotions to our subscribers. This extensive deal coverage combines with our experts’ insights and the web’s most comprehensive travel-comparison tool to help business professionals find the right itinerary at the right price.

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Running a small business travel blog takes a lot of work, and I can’t do it all myself. The key to success are the contributions from a team of writers who help deliver strategy, news, and resources for small-business travelers. Do you have a passion for business travel and want to write for Atlantique Aviation? Then please contact me.

Thanks again for visiting the Atlantique Aviation blog… we look forward to interacting with you here or on our social media channels.

Philippe Menard

Philippe Mendard, Registered Agent Atlantique Aviation

Philippe Mendard, Registered Agent Atlantique Aviation